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The Matrix Watch Full tt0133093 with cast Keanu Reeves Ful

Keanu Reeves
136 minutes.
9,1 / 10 Star
Year - 1999
A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers

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This movie has two sound flaws: 1 - Pistols sound like canons. 2 - Every time they show a gun in someone's hand they put a gun-like sound (reloading, or turning the safety switch on/off) even when they are only holding it. 0:24, 0:57, 1:00.

The matrix watch full free. Seokjin said that this is his favorite movie! I can see why. 1:11 Neo is breathtaking. And I'm glad you role was perfect for Keanu Reeves.


The matrix watch online full. Shoot the legs. Man, watching this again. this looks more like a dance than a fight. I love this scene, but where´s trinity when the camera surrounding neo. Show me. The matrix watch full movie. Just remember the 5 D's of the Matrix: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and. dodge.

One of the rare instances where the trailer is more epic than the actual movie

The matrix watch full shampoo. The Matrix Watch full. The Matrix Watch full article. One of the most groundbreaking movies of all time. Most people of today do not realise that all you see here, all the graphics, visuals etc had never been seen before this movie. One of my best movie going experiences.

The Matrix Watch full article on foot

Thanks for this. And as to my favorite scenes, The Oracle in the first and second movie- was so sad the Lady who played her died. Watch the matrix full. The Matrix watch full episodes. I was so hardcore into the matrix movies when these were released. Thats me playing Call of duty when im defending the base. My neighboors called the police because they thought there was a murder taking Place.

The Matrix Watch full review. When someone says I must apologize and walks to you at the same time, YOU. RUN. My favorite movie I'm purchase 2 CDs this film I'm try action at home this movie 😂. Waaaahhhh. Super excited for jessica henwick. Love her soooo much... Man morgan freeman looks so good in this movie. The Matrix Watch full article on top. 0:26 This movie predicted Ultra Instinct. Did Keanu practice any martial art? ever in life. The matrix watch full length. I liked soon as I saw flip intro. Good vid. The Matrix is the greatest movie of all time. The matrix watch full movie free. The matrix movie watch full. Strange we don't hear much about Matrix anymore. Definitely a classic of its time and pioneered films like this. Inception is great but Matrix is greater.

We all know exactly why we came back to this Clip 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Hey was it revolutions or revolution? I remember revolution. Hopefully more fun with the best choice and quality film types. When he calls action he says CAPTI SUT. The Matrix Watch full article on maxi. But first I must aporigize... The matrix watch full apk. The matrix watch full movie for free. Reminder to producers: Get Woke. Go Broke. Watch the matrix full online. The matrix watch full movie online. I would love to be in his position being known as a machine while knowing everyone knows he bleeds the same as us. Did this film rock or what. Other than 'Iron Eagle' this is probably THE best film ever made! Better than 'Deep Rising' and certainly better than 'Prince of Tides' which it turns out is rubbish.
I really hope that what they say in the film about our reality being an illusion is true, because that would totally rock! I can just imagine it, all my convictions and fines disappearing because that was all thought up by some whacked-out X box or something. Actually I really do hope it's real because just look at my name: Neonsamurai. Got that? All right, now read it without the 'nsamurai. That makes ME 'Neo' or 'The One. Oh boy am I ever going to kick ass? You wait until the next time I see Derek Palmers! Backflip, punch, head-butt, uppercut! I've already got the cool name, I spend a lot of time on the Internet doing research and when I did have a job I was always late for work. Spooky eh? Plus, can you imagine Morpheus trying to rescue somebody else from the Matrix, such as Dr Stephen Hawking? I can't either. Firstly he hasn't got a cool name like me and secondly I bet he hasn't even watched 'The Matrix' once. I've seen it EIGHT times. You read that right, EIGHT times. Quick question: Hawking vs. me in a fight. Who'd win? Answer: Me! Even if it was a battle of minds, I'd probably still win. Or a game of snap.
What with me being 'The One' I'd probably make Famke Janssen my 'Trinity' as I'm pretty sure that in the battery farm where I'm stored, she's got the pod next to me. That's probably why we have such a close affinity with one another. In fact I'm pretty sure that on the other side of me would be a pod with Nicole Kidman in it, except her brain plugs DON'T WORK PROPERLY AND SHE DOESN'T RETURN MY CALLS! Well guess what Nicole, when I'm flying around beating up 'Agents' and dodging bullets don't expect me to come to your rescue if they try and read you mind with a couple of electric cables. You had your chance and you blew it. So long sister, you're baaaaaad news.
When I was in 'House of Fraiser' in Milton Keynes last week I decided it was time for me to get out of the Matrix and meet up with Morpheus, or whoever it is flying those hovercraft things around the sewers. Well let me tell you something; if you want to leave the Matrix don't try jumping through mirrors in a department store, particularly if the mirrors are in the ladies changing room, and you're being chased by security guards. When I got out of hospital that night I decided to do a search for 'Morpheus' on the Internet, but got bored and instead did more research on women's bodies.
Morpheus, if you're reading this then hurry up and post me a phone to my mum's house as I'm due in court next week on charges of indecent exposure and criminal damage in a department store.



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The Matrix Watch Full tt0133093 with cast Keanu Reeves Ful

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